myStaffingCRM Workplace

Sarah Recruiter has a new job opening. She wants to fill the opening with a high quality candidate as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Her goal is “High quality candidate in short amount of time.”

  1. Click on the myStaffingCRM nav item in the left menu
  2. Click on Job Openings
  3. Double click the job “Hospice Inpatient…”

myStaffingCRM Job Openings

The first thing the recruiter should do is leverage her existing candidate pool. She’ll click on the Recommended Candidates button to see which candidates are recommended for the job.

  1. Click on the Recommended Candidates button at the top of the screen on the job opening.

myStaffingCRM Candidates

myStaffingCRM analyzes which candidates are a best fit for the job based on:

  • How the candidate was ranked on previous applications
    • Education fit for this type of job
    • Work Experience fit for this type of job
    • Overall job fit
  • The recruiters overall ranking for the candidate
  • The geographic location and relocation preferences
  • Salary preferences

All of the criteria are put together and a list of recommended candidates is automatically generated. As the recruiter adds more candidates to her pool, the recommendations get smarter and smarter.

The recruiter can add all recommended candidates to the job, or pick and choose which to add. As time goes on, she’ll be more likely to fill the job with the recommended candidates. This is one of myStaffingCRMs competitive advantages. We’ve created a fresh, easy way for recruiters to keep their best candidates right in front of them, and match them to jobs with minimal effort. As the database grows, its value increases.

Recruiters always need a fresh influx of people. Her next step will be to setup a job agent to search external resume databases.

  1. Click on the Search External Resume DBs button

myStaffingCRM external resume database search

Our partner, TalentFilter, provides recruiters with instant access to 100s of free and subscription based resume databases. As TalentFilter finds resumes that match the job, the resumes are automatically pushed into myStaffingCRM.

Of course, the recruiter also desires to advertise the job opening.

  1. Click on the Information link in the left nav of the job opening.
  2. Click on the Account Name (High Impact) to open the Account.

myStaffingCRM Accounts

When a job is added into myStaffingCRM, it is automatically posted to the recruiter’s web site.

  1. Double click on the Job Site URL field.
  2. Enter “Hospice” into the keyword field and click search.

myStaffingCRM Career Site

Candidates can click on the job to create an application. The applicant will flow directly into myStaffingCRM.


All jobs are also automatically posted to the recruiter’s Twitter Feed.

  1. Close the candidate portal.
  2. In the Account record, double click on the Twitter Feed URL.
  3. Show the Twitter site
  4. Close the Twitter site

myStaffingCRM Twitter

Free and paid job boards are supported as well. Recruiters can post to one or more job boards by just filling in a few fields and start/expiration dates for their job ads.

  1. Click on the Job Opening Post link in the left nav of the job opening.


  2. myStaffingCRM post to job boards

Sarah Recruiter may also want to import sourcing contact lists, and cold call prospective candidates. She can import a csv file using the Microsoft CRM Import tool:

Once candidates are added to the job via her internal database, external database, or new applications, she can easily step through the candidate pool, and see at a glance the job requirements compared to the candidate’s qualifications.

  1. Click on the Information link in the left nav of the job opening.
  2. Click on the Review Candidates link to open the resume page.

myStaffingCRM Candidate Ranking

She ranks the candidate against the current job, and her rankings automatically determine future communication with the candidate. Based on each stage of the hiring process, an activity is created or an email is sent either to the candidate or the hiring manager.

Now the recruiter can focus on her relationship skills as she manages the candidates against the job opening and the communication with the hiring manager.

While she is working, she is working toward a target time to fill. The more quickly a high quality candidate is hired, the more money is saved and profit is made. For recruiting firms, a direct relationship between the speed and number of hires is reflected in their sales. For in-house recruiters, profit is made because of the reduction in the work hours required to make a hire, as well as the working time the company loses when a spot is vacant.

  1. Click on the Information section in the left nav of the job opening.

myStaffingCRM Target Time to Fill

myStaffingCRM stores a target time to fill for each job opening, based on industry standards and the company’s goals. The target time to fill is always in front of the recruiter through metrics, through his dashboard, and through daily reporting.

  1. Click on the Metrics tab of the Job Opening


myStaffingCRM Time to Fill Metrics

  1. Close the Job Opening.
  2. Click on the Workplace button in the bottom left nav

myStaffingCRM Workplace

Other functionality included, but not pictured here:
* easily track cold calls/ email contact
* complete integration with Outlook
* ability to create mass email campaigns
* daily and/or weekly auto-emailed reports
* ad hoc reporting
* many more features native to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As you can see, myStaffingCRM solves multiple problems for the recruiter and the hiring manager. By streamlining the recruitment process, the recruiter can focus on finding the best candidate, faster. By simplifying the communication process, the hiring manager saves time. Quality candidates are leveraged, placements are made quickly, and profit margin is increased for all stakeholders.

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