2nd CRM Incubation Week

Microsoft created a video demo of our product, myStaffingCRM, see it here:


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Jim Steger just posted a blog about his experience at CRM Incubation Week last week:


And here, on Microsoft’s CRM Team Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/crm/archive/2009/04/29/take-two-microsoft-dynamics-crm-incubation-week.aspx

We’re very excited to have won the Best XRM Application Award.

It was a great week for us, and we’re so thankful for all the support everyone gave, especially:

Jim Steger

Sanjay Jain

Larry Gregory

Don Dodge

Our Team with Jim Steger



CRM Incubation Week

Microsoft Surface is awesome.  As you can see, once we started playing with it, you couldn’t drag us away.

Who is that drummer boy?

Drummer Boy

Well, we’re tired.  16-17 hour days can wear on a person.  BUT, we’re excited about the app we’ve created on CRM. It’s getting hooked up with career sites, Twitter, TalentDrive, a bunch of job boards, as well as having awesome functionality that didn’t require programming, like importing sourcing lists, integrating with Outlook, mass emailing, and all that comes with CRM 3.0.

So, today we will be finalizing the presentation of our app, practicing, and finalizing the details.

I’ve got to go get some more coffee now.

Yesterday we:

– created, tweaked and tested table entities, forms and views in Microsoft CRM

– started creating workflows

– mocked up Silverlight apps for the offshore dev team to work on

– discussed security, hosting models, and what venture capitalists are looking for

– started programming customizations and plug-ins

Jim Steger of Sonoma Partners is really giving us a great head start on how to best customize Microsoft CRM.

A lot of application built in one day!

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